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Tepui Garage Sale Background

Tepui Garage Sale

Tepui Garage is a regularly updated inventory of Tepui tents that have been used in displays, for photo shoots, rentals, or have sustained minor damage during shipping. These are sold at a discounted rate based upon the condition, and include no warranty coverage. Documentation of condition will be provided, but tents are sold "As Is," and by purchasing this tent you agree to accept the tent in its condition upon delivery. 


Tepui will not sell a tent with major damage or that is structurally compromised. Price does not include shipping charges.


Please browse the list below, and contact us for pictures, more information, and/or to purchase. 



Item # Tent name Reason for Discount Retail Price Discount Sale Price
RMA105 Ruggedized Kukenam 3 (Green) No Visible Damage. Refused at delivery due to damaged box $2100 10% $1890
RMA53 Explorer Kukenam 3 (Green) Puncture holes on each side of base. Dents on both sides of base. Scratches on track side of base. $1425 25% $1070