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Wander With Us Background


Wander With Us

May 01, 2018 Endless Adventure

Shawn and Pietrina: Tepui's 2018 Year of Endless Adventure finalists


Team name: Wander With Us


Participants: Shawn & Pietrina


2018 Road trip details:

We are going to see the best of Colorado's alpine environments and iconic deserts of the american southwest in one trip. Our trip dates were chosen to coincide with the darkest of the moon phases to accommodate astrophotography. We plan to complete the alpine loop, followed by a modified version of the grand circle. We will begin in western Colorado on Engineer pass which will lead us into the high alpine environment and to the American Basin. This will give us an opportunity to hike and explore with our dogs. We will bring them along for this first leg of the adventure, while the temperatures are reasonable for our golden girl, Abby. Prior to our Utah leg of the trip we will meet some of our family to surrender our pooches and spare them from the harsh desert environment and full day hikes. We also plan to hit the White rim trail which will offer spectacular views. Then we'll head to Horseshoe Canyon, where we will tour the Grand Gallery. Natural Bridges NM will allow us to capture dark skies, absent of light pollution. We will pepper in a few more fun spots, but those are some that we are excited to see. We have purchased a vehicle and rooftop tent that makes such long and remote overland trips possible and comfortable. The accessibility to uniquely beautiful environments will give us the opportunity to film some of the most beautiful places we can imagine and to share them with the world.


Can't leave home without:

Shawn: Sunglasses! I have photosensitive eyes, so I almost always wear some shades, but otherwise my camera!

Pietrina: My Hydro Flask water bottle covered in stickers, which brings back smiling moments from past adventures. Also my running shoes, so I can try to catch a few miles, whenever possible.


Favorite tune to listen to on the open road:

Shawn: The Streets Have No Name

Pietrina: Walking on a Dream


Signature/go-to camp food:

Shawn: Coffee (coffee is food too) and Bob's oatmeal! It is quick and easy so I can get out and start my sunrise photography!

Pietrina: Salmon is a yummy treat on trail or back at camp.


"Best known for"/"claim to fame"/"trip role":

Shawn is the main photographer. He typically begins a camping trip by setting up the time lapse rig to allow a program to run into the night for a motion time lapse sequence. When the location allows both Pietrina and Shawn are proficient at flying the drone and looking for ways to create unique aerial footage.

Pietrina is a great trip planner, she has great ideas! She is known for calling the rangers at the various parks and getting the logistical information that helps the trips to roll along smoothly. Any time we go out she always looks at the surrounding areas to see if there is something cool that we should check out while we are in the area.

We both roll with the punches, our trips never turn out quite like we plan them, but the unexpected surprises are part of the fun.


A perfect trip would include these three items:

Shawn: Camp kitchen (we make some pretty awesome meals while camping) Photography gear, good company/friends

Pietrina: Our pups, time, long & steep trails!



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