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Natalie & Brian Background


Natalie & Brian

May 01, 2018 Endless Adventure

Brian and Natalie: Tepui's 2018 Year of Endless Adventure finalists


Team name: Natalie and Brian


2018 Road trip details:

We are going to begin our trip in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We will stop in the deserts through Utah and Nevada on our way to the Lost Coast trailhead. Natalie used to live in northern California and hasn't been back in 10 years, Brian has never been to the Pacific Northwest or seen a redwood tree and we are happy to finally see those amazing giants together. After the redwoods we plan to head north and stop in some iconic destinations such as Crater Lake, Mt Hood, and Olympic National Park on our way to Banff and Jasper National Park in Canada. After spending some time in Canada we will head back down to the states stopping in Glacier National Park, Big Sky, Montana, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole before ending back home in Steamboat Springs.


We both love the water and will be swimming in all destinations that allow for a dip. Fly fishing is a big part of our spring/summer activities, the rod will be packed and used at all water stops. Brian is a mountain bike guide and we both love to ride. We will be bringing our bikes on the trip and plan to hit some trails and bike parks along this route. Of course we will see many spots by foot and will be hiking and backpacking on our month long adventure.


Can't leave home without:

Natalie - Water bottle

Brian - Outdoor slippers


Favorite tune to listen to on the open road:

Natalie - Any Kings of Leon song from Youth and Youth Manhood

Brian - Long Cool Woman - The Hollies


Signature/go-to camp food:

Natalie - Instant mashed potatoes, cinnamon rolls in tin foil

Brian - Hobo foil packs(potato, carrot, green pepper, onion, butter, S&P, butter) , tuna packs


"Best known for"/"claim to fame"/"trip role":

Natalie - Packing the snacks, always having morning coffee, making sure the car / tent is organized and ready to just fall into bed

Brian - Pushing the intense adventure/making and sustaining fire/ finding ideal campsite


A perfect trip would include these three items:

Natalie - A hot spring, Being so tired from the days activities you fall right asleep at camp, the perfect silence looking at a landscape

Brian - Outdoor activity (hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, rock climbing), late-night fire, solitude




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