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Boren Wild Background


Boren Wild

May 01, 2018 Endless Adventure

Boren Wild- Tepui's 2018 Endless Adventure Finalist


Team name: Boren Wild


Participants: Aaron, Mallory, Oakley, Summit


2018 Road trip details:

Instead of one long road trip we're on a bit of a Washington State Tour this year. We've planned 5 separate loops through each unique area of our home state. The goal is to help connect our boys with the state they'll grow up in.


Along the way we'll see:

  1. Seattle to Spokane and down to Palouse looking for wild horses
  2. The rainforest of Olympic Peninsula and the Costal Beaches
  3. North to South along the Backcountry Discovery Route high in the Cascade Mountains
  4. A loop with our boat to visit all of Central Washingtons desert lakes
  5. Touring all the San Juan Islands to see the Puget Sound from every angle


Can't leave home without:

Aaron: an excuse to leave work early.

Mallory: my stretchy pants

Oakley: pockets full of Pokemon

Summit: "my baby" (Panda stuffed animal)


Favorite tune to listen to on the open road:

Aaron: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop

Mallory: Harry Styles - Sweet Creature

Oakley: Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman

Summit: Justin Timberlake - Sunshine in my Pocket


Signature/go-to camp food:

Aaron: sunflower seeds

Mallory: breakfast - scrambled eggs and hash browns

Oakley: campfire popcorn

Summit: marshmallows


"Best known for"/"claim to fame"/"trip role":

Aaron: The get away driver, the fire maker, the pack rat, just the Instagram husband

Mallory: "Social Media Influencer"

Oakley: The know it all

Summit: the copy cat / daddy's shadow


A perfect trip would include these three items:

Aaron: my family, my boat, my camera

Mallory: swimsuit, sunshine, a beach

Oakley: candy, candy, candy

Summit: candy, candy, candy




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